End of the holidays

It’s been a while since the last update, mainly for enjoying my ever
so short vacation. Today I added user administration. You can now
edit and list the registered users. Deletion will only be included
after all modules (like category, seat and reservation) are finished
to make sure the database stays consistent at all times.

A little side note: I am not using InnoDb (the transactional variant
for MySQL), although I would need transactions to keep the database
safe and up to date at all times, I may add this transactional support
later on, but don’t count on it. This IS a consistency issue, and
should be resolved, for it may corrupt your data, like e.g. deleting
an event (for archiving purposes) and not deleting the reservations
for that event, which creates bogus entries from the user’s point of

I will also have updated the website somewhat today, can’t seem to
bend drupal to my needs 😉



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