Author: Sebastiaan Mindreau
Platform: Java VM – J2ME, MIDP 2.0 – Mobile Application
Date: 16-11-2006

Finally I get to release my mobile edition of Tetris!! Get your hands on a copy now! Not that they’re limited but it just sounded cool ;-).Every mobile phone or PDA should be able to run Tetris, if it supports MIDP 2.0. Note that some implementations of MIDP don’t implement the specifications as strictly as they should, and therefore produce errors which are out of my hands. See the Compatibility list below.

This edition is quite different from the desktop version. The desktop version has more features (like Highscore exchange tools) which the mobile version does not have. Also, there is no restart button, it has been mapped to an MIDP command. Furthermore the scoring system has stayed the same. There are a few extra’s in the mobile version, but you will have to try them out for yourself. The highscores are saved to the phone’s memory.

Currently, there are several versions: a stable version (0.3) and some beta versions.
Continue to the download section to get up and running!


Version 0.2 is only 15 bytes bigger than 0.1, but offers a bit more fun and cleaner graphics. This is what changed:

  • Although the game displays best on square screens (dimensions typically >= 128×128), it will display on other screens, but you may find the distance between blocks varying from phone to phone. This is normal :).
  • No more grid! This makes the game a bit harder but more like the classic game I’ve been told 😉
  • The drawing routines have been adjusted to suit the tighter (and harder to achieve) drawing finesse.

That’s about it. Want a new feature? The game crashes on your phone? Leave a comment and I’ll see what I can do.

From now on, the changes will be anounced in the download section.

Compatibility List

The following phones have been tested and work perfectly:

  • Nokia 6021

The following phones have minor (non-destructive) problems:

  • Sony-Ericsson K750i (game pause problems)


MobileTetris is licensed under GNU GPL. The source code is available on demand, as the code is far from clean, some bugs don’t allow me to write clean code. See the GNU license here.


The latest fixpack (0.2a) broke another feature, but version 0.3 (with new tetris music) resolves all reported problems. Hopefully this stays this way somewhat.

The version I’m currently working on is 0.4. It features two new features: turning music on/off and turning grid on/off. Both options are stored to the phone and are restored everytime the game starts. So no more music when you start it next time in class 😉
Feature requests may be done via the comments. 0.4 will not be released as long as there are no new features or known bugs to 0.3.

Stable versions

  1. Download MobileTetris 0.3
    Date: 20-11-2006
    MD5: dfe10577c688f2c38d2f8a3ef1666190
    Latest stable version, now includes the Tetris music!

Beta versions

  1. Download MobileTetris 0.2a
    Date: 19-11-2006
    MD5: 100ab51120e22ed71d38d33515d339cb
    Problems still with the restarting of the game (without entering highscore data).
  2. Download MobileTetris 0.2
    Date: 16-11-2006
    MD5: e6ac5115d3b9a6e43acc3c6dc1f70217
    This version has problems with handleGameOver(), which results in a loop everytime you lose.
  3. Download MobileTetris 0.1
    Use at your own risk. This will however not damage your phone.

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