Long time no update…

Well, it’s been a long time again since I updated the website. Since that day, Drupal has been replaced by WordPress, a whole lot easier to maintain.Today i migrated the phpReservation blog posts from the old site. You can now find phpReservation in the main menu to your right.

The last two hours, I’ve worked on making bootstrap.inc a lot smaller again. I know a previous blog post already suggested I did that, but I’ve only finished it now. The code looks a lot cleaner now. I’ve also fixed some small bugs, but in the end, very little changes after today. I should soon start figuring out which subsystem is next. I have only five more subsystems to work on: Seat, Reserved Seat, Block, Category and Reservation. Of course, Reservation is the last concern in this matter. As this will be what the users will see, and the other systems are mostly internals, and admin sections.

Category seems the most logical choice, so that will be the next subsystem.
I will start work today if I can, so keep posted if you’re interested.

Edit: I’ve worked on a logo too today, it’s not the definite logo yet, I need more time to digest, but I though I could let you have a sneak preview already 😉
Logo candidate for phpReservation
Edit2: The help system has been started too (seems like I’m avoiding the next subsystem hey? ;-))

Bye! 🙂


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