Blocks practically finished

Some very good news today! I’ve worked really hard and have lots of things to show you, but I’ll wait some more to show screen shots, just for fun 😉After a major redesign in the database (just on time, no changes in code needed, now double checked) I started working on the Blocks, the different parts of a hall. Note that blocks in a hall make it a lot easier to place seats in a hall. (These blocks don’t even have to be noticable in numbering of the seats).
I’ve also uploaded to a test server with very little problems, so portability and compatibility of coding is mostly guaranteed. I should test it at the end with PHP 5, but I’m kind of scared 😉
The block system also uses a graphical view of the hall, using CSS drawing, my first time I ever use this technique, and it worked just fine (after the usual hour of wrestling with code…:D)
Also, the public event calendar has been tidied up, showing a more viewable list of events, plus a detail page for each event. Always, with the usual “Make Reservation” buttons.
And last today I’ve updated some code everywhere, made things a bit more homogenous, better now than after the first release.

Okay, I must admit, a big release isn’t going to be soon, but I’m very thrilled I got this far already, nearly 3000 lines of code make my work a piece of myself 🙂

Anyway, bye all!


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