Lets get seated!

Hi all,

A rather big update today. We can sit down in our halls now! As the block administration was already finished the seat administration begin ready now, you can add as many seats to your blocks as you wish, but you should not decept your users by putting more seats in a block that has only a limited width…You can add seats using the Rectangular macro, which lets you draw a rectangle of checkboxes, each checkbox representing a seat. You can also delete every checkbox you see. This way, you can really tune the block’s appearance and seating to your needs. Of course, this approach works best for rectangular halls, but curved halls can also be populated like this, you just have to make sure they align a bit and that the number of seats is correct of course. More macros will become available later, like for example adding a row or deleting a column, but I don’t know whether this is so handy or needed.

Furthermore, from within the block administration, you can see the blocks (like before), but you also have a new button “Seats” to go manage the seats for that block immediately.

I’ve also negotiated with a junior designer to create a fresh skin, rather than the plain black-white-and-pictures theme that I’m using now. He will look into it during the holidays.

That’s all for now.


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