Travelling around the globe, don’t lift your butt…

I’ve stumbled upon some great sites, which offer the next-generation user experience I think.
The creativity and technology used to create the links below are incredible, you’ll have to see for yourself!Let’s just start with another Google invention: Google Maps Street View. Just go to Google Maps and find some place popular in New York, San Francisco, California, … a big city in the states and zoom in enough to see some streets. Next, click the “Street view” button. You are presented with a zoomable, rotatable view of the street, and you can move forward and backward in the street! This is really incredible. But as many people will believe, it is yet another step closer to court for Google, as this is clearly quite an invasion of privacy.

Next is Microsoft. I’m not used to praising Microsoft for anything – in contrary actually – but this really has to be said. It’s called Microsoft PhotosynthTM. What it basically does is group a huge amount of photos together, to reconstruct “the big picture” – the Piazza San Marco in Rome or just some exhibition, which contains some 80 megapixel photo shots, together with low quality cell-phone pictures, all combined to form an interactive environment in which you can move around, using the taken pictures and zoom in or out.
You can find the site here.

What will the future of these things bring? Will we take the Google Train to Egypt, driving at high speed through the virtual tunnels and across vast areas to get to our location, where PhotoSynth will provide us with a unique way of exploring and analyzing huge complex buildings with only a few clicks up our sleeve?

Let’s wait and see 🙂


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