Drupal Website Profiler

While I was trying to figure out the problem at http://www.akademos.be (slow), I wrote a small application to fetch a random page (at certain times) and timing the page loading time (including network delay, excluding rendering).Screenshot for Drupal Website Profiler
The results are logged and you can export the log in tab-separated format. See below to download.


The program has some basic features which allow you to:

  • Enter a URL in the main window
  • Start/stop automatic polling of the website with a random node id
  • Perform a solitary poll
  • View and clear the log that is created from pairs.
  • Export that log in plain text format (ready to import into any data processor due to its tab-separated format)
  • Enter custom inter-poll times and maximum node id
  • View the amount of running polls (status bar)


Version 1.1: Drupal Website Profiler v1.1
md5: a22bee437df6ef273d9985cfbaeb8955
License: Freeware

Version 1.0: no longer available
md5: 178df05294f44fe36dd82b611573428d
License: Freeware (you may distribute it, but retain my name)


In version 1.1:

  • Replaced the Time column by two columns, one for Date, one for Time, so that it’s easier to integrate it with a normal data processor (standard Java Date output was rather hard to interpret).

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