Easy Site Cloaking without DNS

I’ve stumbled upon a rather annoying fact in life: low-cost ISP’s mostly suck.
So is the case with http://www.wimahosting.be, which I haven’t been able to even contact for months. My site was still hosted there, but now, well, it runs slower than ever. Probably due to the lack of maintenance.I have a friend who hosted my site (I began to think maybe it was my script) and it ran at incredible speeds on his server (I use Drupal, so of course it wasn’t the script’s fault!).

I still have a domain registered through wimahosting, but I (temporarily) wanted to forward the site without showing the “ugly” URL of my friend’s hosting.

What most people would suggest is using an empty frame – which is easiest. But that doesn’t solve it all. Instead, any url like http://www.example.com/products would result in the original site responding, rather than the index.htm you set up for cloaking.

So my solution now: change to index.php and add the following (don’t mind the non-XHTML, I was lazy):

<TITLE>Example DOT Com
<FRAMESET rows="0,*" border="0">
<FRAME name="Hidden" src="about:blank" noresize="noresize">
<FRAME name="Content" src="" noresize="noresize">

If you want to redirect a subdirectory of your site (e.g. http://www.example.com/mysite), you can use the $prefix. Set it to /mysite/ in that case.

Any questions are welcome in the comments.


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