New blog

My old blog began to turn for the worse, so I thought I’d create a new one, with more technical writing to share the few stories I think could help other developers and IT professionals in their journey in the land of .NET.

The old blog was running WordPress 2.0.4 hosted on some free shared space. The current version (at this time) 3.3. The upgrade process is (as always when you wait to upgrade for many years) tedious, time-consuming and just discouraging.
The only thing I really wanted is to port it to so I didn’t have to set up all of the software, install modules etc.. It has many limitations, but for the purpose of a simple blog, it’s enough.

But transferring the data was the issue, rememeber? I’ve tried some modules that exported my old data, imported the new etc… Typically using XML files and concluding that the formats did not match. Bummer.

Then I though, wait, I know the old blog has this xml-rpc thingy. Good thing I thought about that. Thanks to ( – duh), I could just read my entire blog in .NET code and write it to which also has this api. Blog contents, author dates, categories … It’s all been copied (at least the relevant ones). If you ever have trouble with basic import/export modules, it’s just a quick code away. Writing the code that gets my items actually took me only about 1 hour, including getting to know XML-RPC and the .NET library.

Anyway, that’s it for now, I have a SharePoint post coming up about annoying form templates so keep an eye on the blog. It will also be shared on Facebook and Twitter (@SabbeRubbish) so you can track me easily.


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