The excruciating choice: Lumia 820 vs HTC 8

You don’t see many reviews comparing these phones as they are not in the same segment as judged by many. In Belgium however, these phones are almost equally priced (without a plan). Also, most reviews incorporate the plan price in their final judgement, which leads to misleading outcomes for the Belgian market (and I’m sure a few of our surrounding countries).
With the research I’ve been doing over the couple of past months into the matter, I’ve gathered a lot of information and subjective thoughts and made my decision.


For starters, here are the RRP prices in Belgium (and they are at the time of writing applied by most stores):

Nokia Lumia 620 € 259
Nokia Lumia 820 € 499*
Nokia Lumia 920 € 599*
HTC 8S € 299
HTC 8X € 549

* Note that the Lumia 820 and 920 come with a free wireless charger for a limited time.
Seeing these prices and the corresponding specs, it seems the Lumia 620 and the 8S are battling the entry-level market and the Lumia 820 and 8X are battling at the high mid-range. The 920 is too far out for my budget.


I’ll shortly state what I personally find great and not so great about these devices:

Nokia Lumia 820

Nokia Lumia 820


  • Nokia Apps
  • Slightly cheaper
  • Bright AMOLED screen


  • WVGA resolution (future proof?)
  • Battery life
  • Low-res front camera





  • Sleeker design
  • Better screen (720P)
  • Larger battery


  • No LTE in Belgium
  • No removable cover (no microSD)
  • Not on HTC’s priority list anymore (check the latest phones, no Windows Phone is mentioned directly, only if you click throught to all phones)

Comparison sheet

I love comparing stuff for months before buying something. Well, if I say that I love it, I actually mean that I want to be thoroughly informed before even thinking of buying something with this kind of price tag. Thanks to Skydrive I can easily embed my sheet here for all your reference:

Click the rightmost icon on the bottom to view it full screen (this blog’s theme is rather narrow to show enough).
I’ve also enabled cell changing without saving so you can play around with it and see how your requirements score the Lumia 820 vs the 8X.

The reasons behind the scoring and weighing of topics is purely personal, so due make according changes if you like.


I’ve made my choice based on the total score I’ve given: the Nokia Lumia 820.  What color?  Awful question, I tried getting a black one, was <abbr title=”Dead on Arrival”>DoA</abbr> so I am now waiting for a white version (with wireless charging shell).

Should I find the time, a detailed review will be posted too.  Review these 5 premium reviews as well to get your mind crunching:
Forbes: Five reviews of the Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phone (Ewan Spence).


3 thoughts on “The excruciating choice: Lumia 820 vs HTC 8

    • Hi Shevy,

      Thanks for your post.
      At the time of posting, there was not sight of any other phone from Nokia than the 920, 820 and 620.
      Today, at the same budget, I’d choose the Lumia 925 instead.

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