Raspberry Pi – SD card measurements

Since I bought my raspberry pi in August this year, I’ve had stability issues.
Read on for more information on how I (tried) remidiating it.

I’ve ruled out the power source (I think) by buying the Pi Hut power source (optimized for RPI – so they say): http://thepihut.com/products/eu-micro-usb-power-supply-for-the-raspberry-pi

My setup:
Raspberry PI Model B
WD Elements 640GB (externally powered) – USB 0
Ralink Wifi dongle – USB 1
Samsung 37” tv – HDMI
Kingston SDHC 16GB Class 10

The benchmarks

Thanks to this forum post (and others), I found out that Kingston isn’t the best at manufacturing cards for random access (what the RPI is doing a lot).
It could be that at times the card gets corrupted due to incorrect read/write operations (don’t ask 🙂 ).
So, I’ve installed the CrystalDiskMark tool and tested my card. Here are my findings:

Test               Read       Write
Sequential 50MB    22.97      13.19
Random 512K        22.44      1.086
Random 4K          4.858      0.025
Random 4K QD32     5.320      0.025

These results don’t look that bad actually. But I went for a class A brand now, Sandisk Extreme 8GB Class 10.
The results:

Test               Read       Write
Sequential 50MB    45.29      22.26
Random 512K        45.06      4.648
Random 4K          6.105      1.257
Random 4K QD32     5.090      1.196

Ok, I rest my case. The Sandisk about twice as fast, even though they have the exact same specs.
My next test (to be performed) will be in seeing what performance (and stability!) gain I get from my raspberry pi!

Update [13/11/2013]
Since the new SD card, my PI hasn’t choked anymore, that means that since the initial setup I haven’t had to reboot it and scanning my library went fine. I hope this keeps up for the next few days/weeks/months 🙂


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