User adoption madness

I love SharePoint – or most aspects of it at least 🙂

End users tend to have a very different take on it generally. They are mostly concerned with reducing change as much as possible and are great at pointing out the exact features SharePoint lacks. SharePoint is a broad platform and cannot deliver every single possible requirement, even some simpler ones.

But this shouldn’t bother end users. In fact, they should be oblivious to what SharePoint does and what 3rd party tools and add-ons do. Because SharePoint can be extended easily to deliver very diverse use cases.

It all starts with good analysis. Find out what your users really need. Don’t assume anything. Find out their exact needs. Not necessarily up front, but communicate this clearly if you’re going for a phased migration, either in terms of data phases or functionality phases. Use thorough analysis techniques to model and detail what end users need. Match it with the best-of-breed technology (within scope) and deploy it.

Change management is crucial as people have to change the most basic thing they do with their computer: handling documents and surfing websites (SharePoint in this case).  Teach your end users, coach them, empower them, help them, sympathize and improve. If you introduce the right set of functionality (based on your analysis) at the right time (based on phases) using the correct process (change management) they will adopt. And if they don’t, find out those who lead the opposition and go deep into why they think it’s going awry. Learn from them and improve. Involve these critics and make them part of the project team.

I could write pages with good and bad practices, but some may not be of much use to you. Instead, why not make it interactive? LoQutus is organizing a great round table session on the topic of user adoption and change management. There, you can connect with peers and share your experiences on information management and its effect on end users.


April 23rd, 2015
3:00-6:00 PM including networking
Vlerick Business School, Ghent, Belgium

You can register here.

See you there!


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