Editing the Quick Launch on an Enterprise Wiki site

Hi all,

Just a small thing I ran against today and I didn’t find an article on the first page of Google, so here goes.


Administrators cannot edit the Quick Launch of an enterhttps://wordpress.com/post/smindreau.wordpress.com/775prise wiki (sub)site inline:


As you can see, the familiar “EDIT LINKS” link is not there. This behavior was present in SharePoint Online as well.


Luckily, you can still change this under Site settings > Navigation (assuming the publishing feature is turned on, as the Enterprise Wiki is a publishing site site template).

Make sure you select “Structural Navigation” under Current Navigation:


Just below you’ll be able to change the actual links, which could also allow you to build a table of contents for your wiki:


Click OK to save.


Look at that, we’ve added our link to the Quick Launch:


Note that in publishing sites, you will always be able to use this longer approach. For some reason, the basic standard “EDIT LINKS” just aren’t showing.


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