SharePoint workflow and long text…

I stumbled upon a SharePoint Designer 2013 workflow (on prem) with the following (as always) useless error message:


So I only get a HTTP 500 exception.

Looking a the ULS logs at that time (the SPRequestGuid is the Correlation ID in ULS), I’ve found these interesting lines (in Dutch):

Ongeldige tekstwaarde. Een tekstveld bevat ongeldige gegevens. 
Controleer de waarde en probeer het opnieuw.

In English that would be:

Invalid text value.
A text field contains invalid data. Please check the value and try again

Thanks to this post I’ve connected the dots that what I’m trying to do may have issues with field length. Well, it turned out that the item that I was running my workflow on had a long text field with over 255 characters. I tried to use that field for a task list field, which only allows up to 255 characters and BAM, found it 🙂

Hope this helps anyone!


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