Runtime.exec(): run against time?

Hi all, For the Java freaks among you, another case solved 🙂 Problem: when calling an external command using Runtime.exec(), the method exec() doesn’t return. Reason: on some operating systems (including Windows, which was my case), you need to manually read the output and error streams from the external process. Advertisements

Drupal Website Profiler

While I was trying to figure out the problem at (slow), I wrote a small application to fetch a random page (at certain times) and timing the page loading time (including network delay, excluding rendering).

Combining NetBeans and Splashscreens

The trick is not to get wet 😉 So let’s get to it. I’ve read tens of articles on the web, claiming they know how to make NetBeans display a splash screen image (using the JDK 6 approach). This article shows you how to do it quickly and was tested with NetBeans 5.5.


Author: Sebastiaan Mindreau Platform: Java VM – J2ME, MIDP 2.0 – Mobile Application Date: 16-11-2006 Finally I get to release my mobile edition of Tetris!! Get your hands on a copy now! Not that they’re limited but it just sounded cool ;-).

Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) Tutorial

As I am porting Tetris to mobile devices, using MIDP, I got to know how MIDP works and what features are important, and which features aren’t available to the programmer. This tutorial will guide you in your first steps with MIDP. I hope you can learn a thing or two here.


Author: Sebastiaan Mindreau Platform: Java VM Date: 15-08-2005 A simple program for web developpers who don’t have Dreamweaver or any program like that. The program allows you to change 3 sliders (R G and B), shows a preview of the color, and show the Hexadecimal code of that color. Very useful for HTML color choosing.


Author: Sebastiaan Mindreau Platform: Java VM – J2SE – Desktop application Date: 14-03-2006 Who doesn’t know Tetris? Many people remember Tetris as one of the first and most addictive computer (console) games ever made. As a Java programmer, my beginning career would just not be complete without my own version of it, so here it…