Unable to add selected web part(s)

I stumbled upon this post from Mikhail Dikov who explains 7 reasons why a webpart may show up in the webpart chooser but give the mentioned error when adding it to a page. None of his steps worked for me, but in the comments, Ian Campbell noted very helpfully to check the WebPart Gallery at…

LoQutus: my future

Hi all, I’ve recently finished studying and I’ve joined LoQutus as a junior IT Consultant. Just if you were wondering where the hell I am 🙂

Runtime.exec(): run against time?

Hi all, For the Java freaks among you, another case solved 🙂 Problem: when calling an external command using Runtime.exec(), the method exec() doesn’t return. Reason: on some operating systems (including Windows, which was my case), you need to manually read the output and error streams from the external process.